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About us

The Lumberport United Methodist Church has been at the same site since 1889. It started out as the Lumberport Episcopal Church and prior to the construction of the building in 1889, they worshiped with other denominations in a building known as the Union Chapel. The first worshipers of the Lumberport Episcopal Church started in 1848. A building committee was formed on May 11, 1889 and the first reported service in the building was October 1, 1889. This was less than six months after the committee was formed!

The building was a one story frame structure, thirty-five feet wide and sixty-five long. There were eight tall windows of plain glass four on each side. The side windows in the current sanctuary are in the same location. 
This building was raised about 1924 and a full basement was built with a modern kitchen as an important part of the plan. A new front was added with an enclosed stairway leading to the sanctuary. In October 1948, the leaded, stained glass windows were installed at a cost of $2265.00. In August 1957 the building committee was formed to build the education unit and the remodeling of the exterior of the building. The total amount raised by the building campaign was $58,798.97. The education unit has the facilities for thirteen large classrooms, a large social room, ample rest room facilities and a dressing room for the choir. A well lighted minister's study is provided.The picture at the right of the page is the current view of the church.

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